Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Street Fighter Coloring Challenge

So I found this artist named Alvin Lee online- his penciling skills for comic book art is kick-ass.. I'd advise you go to his website if you like that sort of thing ( - check out his drawings..

anyways- he had a coloring contest for one of the posters he made (above) and I decided to enter and toss my own color scheme to it- I have been slowly working on it over the last few months and this is how it came out- the resolution is not very good in the image above, I had to shrink it quite a bit to fit the 1M. size qualification- but it was really cool because I have never worked on anything like this before. I had tons-o-fun. I will be posting more graff-related work on here soon too. words


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  1. Your work is very very impressive, I am an ex-firefighter/paramedic who is starting over at a new college to become a graphic design artist, and engineer so I can sketch the product and create it, I was born with an amazing gift to draw, sketch, paint, carve, mold, anything thats artistic. I know there are alot of artists out there and most have been pulled into creating mundane motel art, But you have the graffiti bug, as do I, and I think your stuff is fresh. If you have any pointers or tips for me that would point me into the right direction that would be very grateful.